About us

Kinetik Trading is a Durban based enterprise and we have access to a private gantry in Cato Ridge. We currently supply diesel only on regions 1A and 2A. Kinetik Trading has chosen the petroleum industry as the growth prospects are encouraging and stable, with
petroleum products dominating a vast sector of all South African industries.

Our vision was motivated even more so by the Covid pandemic and the devastating economic consequences of this global crisis.  

Kinetik Trading is a close knit operation due to the values and morals that come with running a family organisation. We strive for not only growing as an entity but helping other individuals and companies through these trying times. 

The services and goods we provide are essential to all industries but more importantly to the medical fields and we will continue to play our part in fighting this threat. 

#stopthespread #flattenthecurve

We will always be "KEEPING YOU MOVING" 

Alton Rapiti

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